Recent Projects

bridge centennial commission

NYC Bridges Centennial Commission is going strong with lots of projects: a billboard, street banners and events for the Queensboro Bridge Centennial.

Who We Are

Gill Graphic Design, a web design firm located in New York City, can help your organization clearly identify and represent your strengths to form an online presence. Beginning with your raw materials and ideas, we create an informative and persuasive product through project development, graphic design and applied technology.

At Gill Graphic Design, we take our clients' goals seriously. We offer custom-designed web sites, printed promotional materials, business logos and identity products. Our nonprofit clients see their visibility increased and their relationships with their constituents improved. Our corporate clients benefit with increased visibility and stature.

Our Vision

Web sites should contain current information, they should
be straightforward, legible and well-designed representations of your organization. They should be easily maintained.

What We Do

We build products that work smarter so that web users can find out quickly what they need to know. We focus on the essential elements of the web site and try to insure that it is remains up-to-date and visually appealing over time. We simplify the design and pay enormous attention to details in the design process.

Our Services

We can reorganize your web site so that it is easier to maintain, while strengthening your organization's image through consistent, eye-catching, up-to-date graphics. We will help organize your materials to be more accessible and better represent your organization's strengths. more >>

For Nonprofits

Web sites that deliver your message will help your organization build and strengthen relationships with your constituents. more >>

For Retail

We like nothing better than to help increase the visibility of your online store. Let us help you postition your online store in other channels than your current marketplace. more >>

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